Annual Doctor Visits Galore!

G’morning, y’all!

Took off of work today to do my annual check ups: eyes and medical. ^_^_v

Whenever I go I always end up waiting in the waiting room 30 minutes to an hour, so I got in the habit of bringing either a novel or manga with me. Today it’s the TOKYOPOP Germany localization of King of Thorns Omnibus v01. (Image after break)


It’s a good Sci-fi mystery thriller. Of course me being the nit picky letterer that I am, I did notice a few missed spots in the background. It didn’t negate from reading so they were just little hiccups.

One thing I REALLY liked is how TP included the original volume covers in the back of the volume.
If I remember correctly, this is the cover of v02.

It’ll be back to lettering once I get back home. Hope y’all have a beautiful Thursday!!

2 thoughts on “Annual Doctor Visits Galore!”

  1. I used to carry a purse with me everywhere so I could lug books/manga with me and never be stuck waiting with nothing to read (because, well, who knows what terrible thing could happen in those unoccupied moments?). Then came the iPad; with it in hand, I always have a library of manga at my fingertips. The only problem is that now I have to strategically look for the seat in the waiting room where no one can see over my shoulder and spot the yaoi manga I’m reading… Yep, I’m the girl over in the corner who looks jumpy if anyone tries to sit down too near her.

    1. Lol. That’s me too! I was actually debating between King of Thorns and Heart Stop (yaoi title in German), but then thought better not since kids like to randomly come up to me and talk.
      I must give off some kind of vibe that kids like. *shrugs*

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