AnimeFest 2014 Day 3

Day 3 was my last day of the 4 day con. I’m still recuperating from day 2.

Woke up WAY too early, with just 4 hours of sleep. Spent the morning packing up my suitcase. Of course since it started to thunderstorm, I got wet walking to the parking garage and back to the con.

Before lunch I made one last stop in the dealer room and bought a KuroBas blind box figure. After lunch, I waited in line for FLOW’s Q&A panel. SO many good questions were asked, but I didn’t have enough battery life on my phone to take pics/videos. T-T They had another autograph session after the panel, so I got my badge signed. Then I headed home.

I know I promised I’d post pictures Sunday, but by the time I got home and unpacked it was past my normal bed time and I just crashed. I did post most of them on my Instagram.

Since it’s Monday, it’s back to the daily grind. Hope y’all have a wonderful day!