AnimeFest 2014 Day 2

G’mornin’, y’all!!

Day 2 was by far my favorite!

Went to the dealer room, bought a mystery box that had a Light Yagami figure. >///< I was VERY pleased with it. Funimation Industry panel was also fun and I'm looking forward to quite a few of their upcoming releases like: Cowboy Bebop Complete Exclusive Premium Editions (Amazon & Funimation Shop), GITS: Arise 1 & 2, and Black Butler: Book of Murder OVA.

Spent the afternoon relaxing before the FLOW concert. The concert was AWESOME!! There was a little blip during the show when the fire alarms went off, but just 5-10 minutes at the most. During the concert, Take (guitarist) threw his guitar pick out in the crowd and it hit my step-sister who then gave it to me!! That TOTALLY made my night. Afterwards, I got FLOW's autographs.

The last panel for the night was at midnight… All Yaoi Considered hosted by BL DFW (local club of fujoshi). It was hilariously fun. Went to bed after panel ended at 1:30.

Now onwards to day 3!!!

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  1. So jealous! It’s a great conference when a panel: a) goes past midnight, and b) can actually be described as hilarious. How appropriate for yaoi to be the one…

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