AnimeFest 2014 Day 1

Happy Friday, y’all!!

Day 1 of Anime Fest is in full swing and so far it’s been good. Hit the dealer room, attended a few panels, and hosted a panel. I’ll post pictures when I get back home Sunday.

I think I did well for my first panel. Pretty decent turnout. Learned a few things I’ll change for the next time. Also, here’s the link to the presentation.

I’m going back to the con, so I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

Edit: Here’re some links for those interested in stepping into the industry: Wow Max Media and Digital Manga Guild.

2 thoughts on “AnimeFest 2014 Day 1”

    1. Yes I did. Was too tired this morning to post since the last panel I attended for day 2 ended at 1:30.

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