San Japan: Samurai 7

2014-07-20 12.17.17
So… I was in San Antonio yesterday for San Japan and still haven’t really digested the experience. This was the 7th annual San Japan and my first time attending. My friend and I experienced some ups and downs throughout the day, but overall had a fun time.

    The positives:

  1. the dealer room was AWESOME
  2. met HamletMachine, shook her hand, and bought a lovely print (pics will be posted below; sadly no pic with her)
  3. Funimation Preview panel was really, really fun
  4. excellent cosplay
    The negatives:

  1. technical difficulties with 2 of 4 panels we attended
  2. communication skills of the staff (one such staff used a threatening tone when reciting the rules of how con-goers should stand in line for a panel)
  3. Not enough video rooms (there was ONLY one)
  4. WAY too many bodies and not enough places to sit (Just a personal issue for me due to my fear of crowds.)

Now to the fun stuff! We arrived early to pick up our badges and had a good 2 hours before the first panel started, so we walked on the River Walk over to the River Center Mall for a small bite to eat. We headed back to the con and hit up the dealer room. Here’s what I snagged the first time:

Didn’t attend the first panel due to sound technicalities nor the second one because the panelist didn’t show up. Next was the Funimation Preview panel… My friend hadn’t seen most of the ones that were being preview, so I recommended which ones she’d probably like. Of course Free! Eternal Summer was also included at the end. Which was perfect for me since I was wearing my Makoto tank top from Crunchyroll. >///< Funimation also premiered Hetalia the Beautiful World Ep 1-4 Dub, but we didn’t get to it since the line was uber long.

The second trip to the dealer room is when HamletMachine’s table was FINALLY clear of customers, so I got my chance to chat with her a bit and buy this lovely print:
Steve x Bucky by HamletMachine
Sadly I didn’t get the chance to ask for a picture. After that, my friend and I decided it was time to head back home since we had a 3 hour drive. Also forgot to mention that San Japan was my friend’s first anime con EVER and she left satisfied which made me happy.

I took some cosplay pics and some of them came out a little dark even with the flash on.

That was my Saturday in a nutshell and I spent today recuperating from the 5+ miles I walked yesterday, so I did no lettering at ALL. Instead I finished watching 3 series and caught up on last week’s simulcasts.

Phew! That was a bit longwinded. Wishing y’all a wonderful week!

Edit: Oops! Forgot about the Kuroko’s Basketball blind boxes I bought.