Planning AnimeFest Industry Panel

So I finally kicked myself in the butt and am hosting (pending approval) an industry panel at AnimeFest 2014 the weekend of August 15th. >///<

Here’s the panel description: Have you ever wondered about the process of manga localization? Or possibly want to work in the manga/comic industry? If so, then attend this panel! We’ll give examples, tips, and “Dos and Don’ts.” We’ll also discuss what it takes to work or freelance as a translator, editor, and letterer. Come learn about a different side of the industry!

If you’re an AnimeFest member please vote for Working in the Manga Industry.

Of course since I have little to no experience as a translator, I’ll need my fellow freelancers to give some input! Comment below with your inputs or if you prefer email: sasami0786 [at] aol [dot] com. Thanks a bunch!!