Marathon Lettering

Phew! Just finished a 4 day stretch of 9-13 hours of lettering each day.

It was my first Harlequin manga title to letter. Consisted of 125 pages (not including cover and copyright page), which is short for a oneshot volume. One thing’s for sure, my hands and back are not liking me right now. Did a LOT of background and screentone redraws and/or cloning, but it definitely was a fun experience.

2 thoughts on “Marathon Lettering”

  1. Wait, how can it be fun if your hands and back are all sore and in pain now xD

    (So, can you share what Harlequin manga you were lettering?)

    1. It just is. Since manga is my passion. xD

      Not yet. Once it’s released I’ll add the link to my Titles I’ve Lettered page.

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